Wall Ties In Brickwork

Wall ties in brickwork are an essential part of a wall. But what do you really know about them and the importance to your properties structure? So, we have written this article to provide some guidance and insight.

What is a wall tie?

What is a wall tie we hear you ask? Well to put it simply it is an essential component of cavity wall construction, wall ties are used to connect the inner load bearing leaf to the protective outer leaf of a building, thereby providing structural stability.

Nowadays, wall ties are typically manufactured from stainless steel due to its corrosion resistant properties, but this has not always been the case and some older buildings may include wall ties manufactured from other materials.

How often should wall ties be used

Prior to 1978, wall ties were usually manufactured from galvanised mild steel. These ties were expected to last the lifetime of the building, but it has since been recognised that these wall ties can corrode after only 15-20 years.

Are wall ties necessary

Wall ties are strips or bars, made of metal that span the cavity and tie the internal and external walls of bricks together. The ends of the tie are designed to lock tightly into the mortar. The ties are also designed to prevent water transfer from the outer to the inner leaf of the wall, this often takes the form of a twist in the tie or, if a wire tie, corrugations formed in the wire.

What is the spacing for brick ties?

The cavity width and the width of each wall leaf determine the appropriate spacing of the wall ties. These can vary from a 900mm x 450mm staggered pattern to as close as 450mm x 450mm pattern if required in specific parts of a wall, for instance around windows. The density of the wall tie installation must also take into account predicted wind loadings, and must therefore be designed for the specific geographic conditions of the site.

As a minimum, a 50 mm penetration of the ties into each leaf is suggested, although this assumes a standard brick cavity wall, and often other types of wall will require ties to be embedded deeper.

Wall tie replacement Newcastle

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