Brickwork in Newcastle and the North East

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Brickwork in Newcastle and the North East There’s a lot to think about when it comes to brickwork and construction. Bringing up many challenges and difficult decisions along the way. So, we have put together this guide to give you some guidance when making these decisions to help get the best outcome for you.

Corona Virus Update – Contact Details

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Due to Covid-19 we are closing our office Here are our contact details should you need them: Ken Collins - MD - kcollins@brickworkdirect.co.uk Julian Bulman - Operations Director - julian@brickworkdirect.co.uk Pam Lea - Finance Director - pam@brickworkdirect.co.uk Mark Weigmann - Quantity Surveyor - mark@brickworkdirect.co.uk David Ashcroft - Quantity Surveyor - dashcroft@brickworkdirect.co.uk Joe Tyrie Ass

Wall Ties In Brickwork

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Wall Ties In Brickwork Wall ties in brickwork are an essential part of a wall. But what do you really know about them and the importance to your properties structure? So, we have written this article to provide some guidance and insight. What is a wall tie? What is a

Brickwork Direct: Builders in Newcastle

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Brickwork Direct: Builders in Newcastle There are many types of brickwork services available for both domestic and commercial projects. At Brickwork Direct we are here to help, we offer services in many areas in regards to brickwork and this article will take you through the services on offer, our experience and previous jobs. 

How to avoid the ‘cowboy’ builder!

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  Great news! we're now registered with Checkatrade, anyone who’s watched daytime TV should be familiar with the concept of a cowboy builder – but did you know that there’s an easy 10 step process to ensure that you don’t fall victim to one? 1) Make sure the sums add up Tradesmen often like to

Loss of life narrowly avoided due to wall tie failure!

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Earlier this week we went to visit a site in Sunderland near a local school where the external wall had collapsed due to wall tie failure. This is a perfect example of exactly what could happen if these issues are simply ignored! Fortunately on this occasion nobody was seriously injured, however if someone was inside

POSITION FILLED – Brickwork Site Manager

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POSITION FILLED: Brickwork Site Manager Brickwork Direct Ltd require a roaming brickwork site supervisor to oversee new build residential and commercial builds in and around the Durham area. Brickwork Direct Ltd boasting over 15 successful years in the industry, we have a well-earned reputation for excellence in masonry and pride ourselves on high standards

Brickwork Direct New Branded Vehicles Have Arrived

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Brickwork Direct Branded Vehicles Have Arrived Watch out North East! Stuart Appleby will now be spotted driving around in his brand new Nissan Truckman. The Brickwork Direct branded car has the company phone numbers, website and other contact information printed on the side, as well as our new logo. Stuart’s

NHBC Pride In The Job Winner

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NHBC Pride In The Job Winners First Round Winners We are delighted to announce Darren Watt is one of the winners of the first round of the annual NHBC Pride in the Job Awards for his management of the North Gosforth project. A site manager cannot win without a trusted

Shock house wall collapse wrecks car in street

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Shock house wall collapse wrecks car in street Residents in a Sunderland street were left shocked after part of a house collapsed. The gable end of a home in Merle Terrace, at the junction with Enfield Street, collapsed last month. Much of the brickwork from the top of the house