Wall Tie Replacement And Repair Service

Brickwork Direct provide a variety of wall tie replacement and repair solutions for private properties as well as our commercial clients. Our company has 15 years of experience successfully replacing wall ties throughout the North East. As specialists in brickwork, our wall tie replacement services include Cavity Wall Tie Replacements, Remedial Wall Ties, Identifying Wall Tie Failure and Wall Tie Corrosion. Brickwork Direct’s fully trained teams can review and diagnose any structural issues you may have, get in touch today.

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What Are Wall Ties?

Cavity walls ties are concealed components that tie the internal and external leaves of a cavity wall together. They are utilised during construction, with the two halves of the wall being tied using mild steel or wrought iron wall ties spaced at regular intervals with the ends of the ties bedded into the mortar. The wall ties are designed to tie the stable inner wall to the weaker outer wall in order to provide the structural support needed to keep the property stable.

Wall Tie Corrosion And Identifying Failure

Over time, all Wall Ties need replacing. Wall ties used to be made from mild steel that had a galvanised layer that does not last, leaving the steel exposed and allowing it to corrode. According to the Property Care Association, these wall ties could corrode within 20 years of construction. If your property is old, then it is recommended that you have your wall checked for failed wall ties.

Brickwork Direct have specialist equipment and endoscopes to examine the condition of your wall ties and identify any potential problems. Visually, it is hard to tell if your wall ties have failed and to what extent. Nonetheless, we have written a guide with 5 ways to identify wall tile failure to recognise any potential issues yourself.

Wall Tie Replacement Process

The wall tie replacement process can be divided into five steps:

  1. Investigation using wall tie survey to analyse the type and condition of masonry, cavity width, type and condition of existing wall ties and more.
  2. Removal or replacement of existing wall ties if necessary.
  3. Specification of remedial wall tie type.
  4. Installation of replacement wall ties.
  5. Quality control with visual checks and torque testing.

As a result of the specialist knowledge and equipment required, wall tie replacement is normally carried out by wall tie replacement contractor such as Brickwork Direct.

Wall Tie Replacement Gallery

Check out some images of our latest wall tie replacement projects in the North East.

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Accreditations And Partners

Brickwork Direct has an excellent reputation for the quality of work and the ability to complete projects to agreed deadlines. Our own quality control and project management supervises Brickwork Direct contracts to ensure we deliver quality work. This has been acknowledges by our numerous accreditations and partners.

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