Wall ties to blame for Edinburgh schools closures

According to an independent investigative report 17 Edinburgh schools were forced to close in 2016 due to wall tie failure. After the collapse of a wall at Oxpangs School a survey of all local schools found that failed wall ties was the cause of the wall that thankfully avoided fatalities.

Leading architect John Cole headed up the inquiry. He stated:

“The fact that no injuries or fatalities to children resulted from the collapse of the gable wall at Oxgangs School was a matter of timing and luck. Approximately nine tonnes of masonry fell on an area where children could easily have been standing or passing through. One does not require much imagination to think of what the consequences might have been if it had happened an hour or so later.”

The 250-page report identified fundamental defects which led to the wall collapse:

  • not enough wall ties

  • the wrong type of ties were used

  • wall cavities were not uniform

City of Edinburgh Council said it was drawing up an action plan to ensure confidence in the safety of all its buildings.

An ESP spokesman said:

“We have fully cooperated with the council and Professor Cole in trying to establish the facts of what happened with the schools affected”.

We advise to anyone with an old property to read our 4 steps to identify wall tie failure and if you have any concerns or questions get in touch.