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What is wall tie replacement?

What is wall tie replacement? Wall ties are used to join the internal and external walls of a cavity wall and are installed during construction. Over time these wall ties start to corrode and require replacing - particularly where

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Corona Virus Update – Contact Details

Due to Covid-19 we are closing our office Here are our contact details should you need them: Ken Collins - MD - kcollins@brickworkdirect.co.uk Julian Bulman - Operations Director - julian@brickworkdirect.co.uk Pam Lea - Finance Director - pam@brickworkdirect.co.uk Mark Weigmann

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Wall Ties In Brickwork

Wall Ties In Brickwork Wall ties in brickwork are an essential part of a wall. But what do you really know about them and the importance to your properties structure? So, we have written this article to provide some

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