Earlier this week we went to visit a site in Sunderland near a local school where the external wall had collapsed due to wall tie failure. This is a perfect example of exactly what could happen if these issues are simply ignored! Fortunately on this occasion nobody was seriously injured, however if someone was inside the out building it goes without saying it would of most definitely ended in loss of life .

We are urging anyone with a property aged between 1900 & 1980 to go outside their homes and look for some tell tail signs of wall tie failure. Typical sign are stepped cracking, horizontal cracking and bulging of the external wall, however not all wall tie failures show external issues until it is too late!

We are offering 50% off a cavity wall tie survey now only £40 for October and November 2018 due to the high rise in external walls collapsing, simply call 0191 427 4774 to book your appointment!